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The Bugatti Aerolithe

Bugatti is a name synonymous with extreme luxury and more recently with extreme engineering. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is currently the fastest production car in the world and has a price tag of just under two and a half million clams. The car that you see pictured above and below is a project from the designer Douglas Hogg and it’s based on the original 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe (pictured below) which was handmade from aircraft grade magnesium aluminium alloy, an exceptionally light but occasionally combustable material that earned the car the nickname “Electron” after the name of the name of the aforementioned alloy. Lanjut →

Hybrid Super Cars – The Way Of The Future?

Hybrids are taking over the automotive space one model at a time with companies like Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota leading the way. As expected the world’s super car builders have been a little slow off the mark here, a little reticent to move away from the V8, V10 and V12 internal combustion power houses that have made them the desire of schoolboys right through to grandfathers the world over. Lanjut →

800hp Bugatti Electric Hyper Car On The Way

Bugatti is said to be working on an Audi E-Tron based all electric car capable of turning out 800bhp and over 1,600lbs of torque. The Bugatti name is no stranger to electric cars, company founder Ettore Bugatti built an EV (the Type 56) all the way back in 1931, initially it was destined to be a personal car for zipping around the factory site but demand was so strong that Ettore commissioned a few more to be produced. This first Bugatti EV had about 1 bhp on tap and a top speed of approximately 20 miles an hour, we expect any new electric Bugatti to eclipse these numbers by a huge, huge margin and some are suggesting this could be the first factory built electric car to achieve a Lanjut →

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