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Exclusive: Brammo Takes Hong Kong By Storm

Brammo made a significant appearance at the annual Hong Kong bike show yesterday, the massively popular Brammo bikes quite literally took the show by storm to the point I had to apply rugby scrum tactics to get through the crowd and get some pictures. When I got through the crowd of photographers the above image is the first thing I saw, I was of course immediately concerned that the ladies high-heel-shoes might scratch the Brammo Enertia’s paintwork… Lanjut →

Brammo Introduces the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus

Brammo has been on a hell of a roll recently, they veiled the Brammo Empulse electric sportbike a little earlier in the year to a very warm reception and announcing that they would be working closely with electronics manufacturer Flextronics in a deal that would see Brammo’s electric motorcycles being mass produced and potentially coming down in cost by quite a margin. Brammo yesterday unveiled a new addition to its model line up, the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus, essentially a reworked Enertia that now offers twice the range (80 miles vs 40 miles) as well as a slew of other tweaks and improvements. Lanjut →

Brammo Going Global With Flextronics Partnership

Brammo is set to go global with their new Empulse electric motorcycle, announcing a partnership with electronics manufacturing giant Flextronics. You might never have heard of Flextronics as they don’t produce own-branded products, instead they build electronics for other companies like Apple, HP, Microsoft, Sony-Ericsson and Lenovo (to name a few). Lanjut →

Brammo Enertia Wins Best Electric Motorcycle of 2010 Award

The Brammo Enertia has won the Electric Motorcycle of the Year category in an annually published list of motorcycles on The MOBO Awards are only in their second year but have become very popular across the two-wheeled web and are widely quoted by winning manufacturers. This year saw Brammo beat Zero to the punch with their much loved Enertia model, I had personally thought that the Zero DS or Brammo Empulse would take the award this year but it’s good to see the venerable Enertia still winning fans. The runner up for 2010 was the Native S, an electric motorcycle from a small California based manufacturer that beat out MotoCzysz to be the first US manufacturer to win the Isle of Man since 1911. Lanjut →

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