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The Brammo Enertia

The Brammo Enertia is designed as an urban commuter and it fulfills that role relatively well. It’s recent price drop from $11,995 to $7,995 USD will go a very long way towards encouraging adoption, especially with the news that the bikes are eligible for a 10% federal tax credit dropping the price further to $7,195 USD. The bike features a very clean design, it almost looks like it could have rolled out of Apple Computers Cupertino Headquarters, with surprisingly high quality components (Brembo brakes,¬†Marzocchi forks and¬†Elka shocks) and a relatively light weight at 324 lbs / 145 Kg the Enertia is well known for its ease of use (there are no gears and no clutch to bother with). Lanjut →

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