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Mission Impossible IV To Use The Stunning BMW EfficientDynamics Concept Car

Filming is underway on the Tom Cruise blockbuster Mission Impossible IV, a keen eyed passerby snapped the above picture of the futuristic BMW EfficientDynamics electric concept car on the set. It appears clear that the car will feature in the film, hopefully it’ll stay in once piece although that is doubtful if you look at the history of cars in action films. Lanjut →

BMW Green Lights Production of Mental-As-Anything Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

BMW has reportedly given the green light to a production run of its Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, you might remember the car from 2009 when it set the motoring world alight with its somewhat, well, dynamic design. The car was originally proposed as a diesel plug-in hybrid, BMW has decided to forgo the diesel for the first model and is aiming to use its Lanjut →

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