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JFE Engineering Create 5 Minute Electric Car Charger

JFE Engineering have debuted a new battery charging technology capable of recharging electric cars in a matter of minutes rather than a number of hours as is currently the norm. The charger allows a car to be 50% recharged in just 3 minutes, about 10 times faster than current capabilities. A 70% charge reportedly takes just 5 minutes, roughly the amount of time the average person spends buying gasoline at a standard service station. Lanjut →

Toshiba Working With Automakers on Lithium-ion Technology

Toshiba Corp. announced on Monday that it is currently working with multiple automakers on developing new lithium-ion technology for current and future versions of both electric and hybrid electric cars. Honda recently announced plans to start selling electric motorcycles powered by Toshiba (OTC: TOSBF)¬†battery cells and Tesla Motors decided to go with Toshiba over US based battery maker A123 Systems (NASDAQ: AONE) for their upcoming and hotly anticipated Lanjut →

A123 Systems

A new addition to our Under The Hood series, meet A123 Systems, one of the major battery companies literally powering our electric future.

A123 Systems, the lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer based in Watertown, Massachusetts, is currently contracted to supply batteries to some of the biggest names in the electric and hybrid electric vehicle world, with Fisker, GE, Think, BMW, Daimler and GM all onboard in one way or another. A123 Systems uses nanophosphate MIT derived technology to maximise Lanjut →

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