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Convert Your Current Car To An Electric Car

Sometimes it seems like all the electric cars that you would actually consider buying are 2-5 years away from actually being available, electric car companies appear, release brilliant looking concept vehicles, and then disappear into the mysterious electric-car-black-hole-of-doom. There is one company out there that thinks they have the solution to this, they’re called EVX Laboratories and they take people’s road cars, pull out the oily bits and replace them with a tried and tested electric drive train (this is what you are looking at in the above picture). So far EVX have converted a Hummer H2, a Smart Car and a Mercedes SLK 350, the Merc has been entered into the Automotive X Prize and Lanjut →

The Zap Alias

Zap have been building and selling electric cars in the US since mid-2007, they have been producing vehicles in low numbers so you might not have heard of them but they are very much a David with the Goliath automakers hot on their heels. Zap decided, rather last minute, to enter the Alias into the Automotive X Prize and much to the surprise of their many nay-sayers, passed the qualification stage with minimal fuss. The Alias is licensed as an electric motorcycle, not a car, so it is officially a “trike” although that really doesn’t do it justice, much in the same way that calling a car a Lanjut →

The ERA Electric Raceabout

Finland seems to be making further inroads into the electric car market with the Electric Raceabout (or ERA for short) pictured above, Finland as you may remember is also where the Fisker Karma is being built, the ERA is a project from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is set to take part in the Automotive X Prize later this year. The 100% electric car sits atop Audi R8 suspension which should have a very positive effect on handling and with a weight of Lanjut →

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