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The Audi e-tron Spyder – Diesel Electric Hybrid

Audi has unveiled one of the most prominent standout vehicles of the Paris Motorshow so far, it’s called the Audi e-tron Spyder and this diesel electric hybrid has a list of remarkable capabilities. With a range of 1,000 km on a single 50 litre tank of diesel (621 miles – 13.21 gallons, which works out to 128 mpg), that is phenomenal fuel economy from any car, let alone a luxury sports car like this. Lanjut →

Audi E-Tron Ready To Race

Audi have entered the futuristic E-Tron electric car into the Silvretta E-Auto Rally due to be held this year is Austria. The E-Tron is claimed to put down just over 3,300 pounds of torque through it’s 4 electric motor, 4 wheel drive power-train. I’m not a geologist but I’m fairly sure that’s enough to move a small to medium sized tectonic plate. Lanjut →

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