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The Aptera 2e Production Model

Aptera unveiled their full production version of theirĀ 2e electric car yesterday, it differs from the concept vehicle in a number of small ways, you might notice the nose is a little different and there are now clear fit-lines between body panels as well as windows that wind down (handy for drive throughs) the front wheel covers are also a little less streamlined now, taking on an almost “lifted off a caravan” look. Aptera has picked up 9.8 million in private funding so far but company CEO Paul Wilbur openly admits that the company needs Lanjut →

The Aptera 2e

The Aptera is what we all thought we would be driving in 2010, when we were kids. I remember watching The Jetsons and wistfully daydreaming about futuristic looking cars powered by whirring little engines that, I had hoped, would fly. Sadly the 2e version of the Aptera doesn’t fly, it does look the part though and with a drag co-efficient of just 0.15 it slices through the air much more efficiently than a Lanjut →

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