Rolls-Royce To Unveil 100% Electric Super-Luxury Car Next Month

Rolls-Royce have confirmed speculation that they have been secretly developing a 100% electric Phantom and say they plan to show the car next month. This one-off will be used to gauge the market readiness of the super-luxury car segment to electrically powered vehicles. Read the rest of this article »

The Beautiful New Imperia GP Plug-in Hybrid

Just when you think you’ve seen every hybrid on the market a boutique automaker comes along with a new concept and blows away the competition. Initially started back in 1909 the Imperia Automobile company went bankrupt in 1948 and was then revived in 2009 by a small team who took the retro styling of the original Imperia cars and added a hybrid drive-train developed by Green Propulsion. Read the rest of this article »

First Pictures Of The New Electric Nissan ESFLOW

These are the first pictures of the new Nissan ESFLOW concept car being presented at the upcoming Geneva motorshow. The all electric concept is expected to indicate future styling of upcoming Nissan electric cars and is based on the electric platform used by the already wildly successful Nissan Leaf electric car. Nissan is claiming a range of up to 240km and a 0-100km/h sprint of less than five seconds for the ESFLOW, very impressive stats for an all electric car. Read the rest of this article »

Ruf Developing High Performance Electric Porsche 997 Carreras

German Porsche tuner Ruf have announced they are set to begin developing 10 test-bed electric Porsche 997 Carreras, this comes hot on the heels of Porsche themselves announcing they have developed 3 electric Boxsters for road testing electric drive-trains. Ruf has often been once step ahead of Porsche and this appears to be no different, there will be 3 unique set ups used on the 10 new Ruf electric 997s, Read the rest of this article »

Wind Powered Electric Car Crosses Australia

In the days of shrinking oil reserves, Middle East conflict and climate change it’s always good to see people taking some initiative and achieving what was previously thought to be impossible. Australia is a continent famous for sunshine, clear skies and long roads, two German inventors decided to take it upon themselves to build a wind-powered 2 seater electric (road legal) car, pack their own wind turbine and cross the 3,100kms (1,926 miles) between the West and East coasts of the country. Powered by nothing but the wind. Read the rest of this article »

Mission Impossible IV To Use The Stunning BMW EfficientDynamics Concept Car

Filming is underway on the Tom Cruise blockbuster Mission Impossible IV, a keen eyed passerby snapped the above picture of the futuristic BMW EfficientDynamics electric concept car on the set. It appears clear that the car will feature in the film, hopefully it’ll stay in once piece although that is doubtful if you look at the history of cars in action films. Read the rest of this article »

Jay Leno Meets The Mission R Electric Superbike

The team at Mission Motors took their latest creation, the Mission R, to the world famous Rock Store on Mulholland Drive to show it off. Jay Leno was in attendance and rumour has it he was sniffing around the Mission R and asking questions about ordering one for himself. Read the rest of this article »

Porsche Unveils The New Electric Boxster E

Porsche unveiled a new Boxster variant this week, the all electric Boxster E is a “mobile laboratory” for testing Porsche’s future electric drivetrain technology. There are currently 3 identical Boxster E’s being tested on the roads of Stuttgart, near the Porsche factory in Germany. Read the rest of this article »

Check Out The First Electric Vehicle In The US Army

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has spent the past 3 years developing the CERV (clandestine extended range vehicle) (pictured above and below) for the US Army. Using an electric propulsion system with a diesel power generator the CERV is an unarmored vehicle designed to be used behind enemy lines as well as in recon, rescue and targeting missions. It’s currently the only vehicle in the US Army fleet to be certified for transport in the Osprey Rotorcraft, due to its lightweight. Read the rest of this article »

Take A Look At The Most Beautiful Electric Car In The World

Meet the Mitsuoka Himiko, it’s a Japanese car based on the venerable Mazda Miata but instead of the relatively plain Miata body it has a shell clearly inspired by post-WW2 Jaguars. The Japanese company TGMY have decided to use the Himiko as the base of their new production electric car and get this, it has a range of 550kms (324 miles). Read the rest of this article »

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