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The Seat IBE

Seat, not wanting to be left out of the electric car party that was the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, has announced that they will put the Seat IBE into full production. The 2+2 sports hatchback looks set to compete with the Golf GTi, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and other hot hatches currently enjoying huge popularity across Europe due to their remarkable fuel economy combined with unflinching Lanjut →

The Ford Transit Connect Electric

It may not be as glamorous as as Lotus Evora Hybrid or a Tesla Roadster, but it’s ability to create a paradigm shift in attitudes towards using electric vehicles for industry is second to none. The Ford Transit Connect is all set to be released a little later this year (2010) and the interest already registered in the van imply that it will be a strong revenue stream for Ford. The electric Transit Connect features a range of about Lanjut →

The KTM Freeride

UPDATE #2: Official KTM Freeride Announcement

Official KTM Freeride Press Release

KTM showed the first prototype of a “zero emission” motorcycle in October 2008, a project that was the result of the company’s cooperation with the Vienna Development Institute “Arsenal Research”. Now, 18 months later, the sports motorcycle manufacturer from Mattighofen in Austria is right on target for the release of the first series-ready KTM electricsports motorcycle. Under the title “Freeride” KTM will present two near-series prototypes at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, which in one year’s time will transfer the sporting spirit of the brand that is always “Ready to Race” into a series model fit for the 21st century.

With its first zero emission motorcycle, the world’s leading producer of offroad motorcycles has developed an electrically driven sports motorcycle that proves that riding fun and environmental sustainability need not be in conflict with one another. The cornerstone of this development is the clear commitment to offroad motorcycle sports and the obvious intention to go on the offensive by further expanding the strongest part of the company’s business activities with a unique product that, as yet, does not exist in this format. This revolutionary development embodies completely new perspectives: Freeride also stands for the end of motorcycles fleeing the city and the accepted return of sporting motorcycle events in urban areas.


Frame: Lightweight Delta Box frame with forged aluminium components. Self supporting tail in monocoque design.
Suspension: Up-side-down fork and shock absorber with variable setting. Progressive damping system.
Tires: 21” Trial Enduro tires
Brake system: Hydraulic brake system with hand operation for the front and rear wheel. Radial brake system with recuperation support through brake energy.
Engine case: Combined drive casing in light metal design and all inclusive system integration.
Drive motor: Permanent energized synchronous motor in shrunk-on-disc construction.
Engine management: Modular high performance power module with integrated system and “Drive by Wire” security management.
Transmission: Direct drive without clutch with gear transmission and chain.
Traction battery: Plug in battery in li-ion (lithium-ion) technology.


Motor effective horsepower 7.4 (10) / 6000 [kW (hp) / Umin-1]
Motor peak performance 22 (30) / 6000 [kW (hp) / Umin-1]
Motor torque 43 / 500 [Nm / Umin-1]
Maximum motor speed 6600 [Umin-1]
Maximum battery voltage 300 V
Maximum energy content 2.5 kWh
Speed 70 Km/h (43.5 mph)
Overall multiplication factor (primary / secondary) 10.5 (2.4 / 4.5)
Charging time 1.5 h
Total vehicle weight Inc. removable battery 90 kg (198.4 lbs)

UPDATE: KTM Freeride Leaked by German Magazine

Significantly better images (read: viewable) of the KTM Freeride electric motorcycle have been leaked by a German motorbike magazine, click through for the full gallery.

Original Article

KTM has announced that they will be launching a 100% electric motorcycle at the Tokyo International Motorcycle Show next week, after previously having announced that they were designing an electric motorbike for a 2010 introduction it seems now however that there may be a 1 year delay until we actually see a mass produced KTM competitor to the already established producers Zero and Brammo. Lanjut →

The Fiat Atomik 500


Fiat and Chrysler have announced that they will be working together to develop a 100% electric Fiat 500, similar in many ways to the Atomik 500. This will be the first vehicle that these two motoring giants work together since their alliance last year and we expect to see the Fiat e500 for sale stateside in early 2012.

Original Story

The Fiat Atomik 500 is a good example of what manufacturers could be building and selling by the shipload (if they had the requisite cojones). The above pictured Fiat 500 is highly modified from it’s original form featuring 3 electric motors (2 for the front wheels and 1 for the rear axle) pumping out the equivalent of 300bhp, this coupled with the low-slung lithium-ion-phosphate battery system installed along the Lanjut →

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford has been a driving force in the global automotive industry since Henry rolled the first T-model off of the production line back in 1908 and interestingly was also the only major US auto manufacturer to not require a tax-payer-funded multi-billion dollar payout in order to avoid bankruptcy, Ford stood on it’s own two feet through the whole mess and quietly hammered away at it’s 2010 model line, including of course, the Fusion Hybrid. Lanjut →

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