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Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables – Peak Oil Is Next Year

Sadad al-Husseini, a geologist and the head of exploration for the Saudi oil giant Aramco apparently met with the US Consul General in 2007 and told him that he believes that Saudi oil reserves have been over estimated by 300 billion barrels or about 40%. Lanjut →

Fantastic Look At The Engineering Inside The Production Version Of The Tesla Model S

Tesla has released a new video of the production version of the Model S Sedan, it comes in 3 parts and we’ve posted them all below so sit back, click play and prepare to covet thy neighbours electric car. Lanjut →

Gasland – The Documentary

A video of someone lighting their tap water on fire certainly grabs peoples attention and for good reason, this astonishing phenomena is what filmmaker Josh Fox shows time and time again in his Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary “Gasland”. Focussing on the plight of people across the US whose water and land have become polluted to astonishing levels by companies like Halliburton using a technique called “hydraulic fracturing” to extract natural gas from thousands of feet underground. Lanjut →

Tesla Launch Shiny New Website

Tesla seem to be working their PR Team to near death this week, following the much touted IPO Tesla launched the new 2.5 version of the Tesla Roadster and now they have unveiled a new website with a clear focus on visual content and a front page reference to their new Toyota partnership. Tesla are clearly pushing hard to keep their name on the front page of media outlets and keep the stock nice and pricey. I’m not sure what else they have up their sleeve but we’ll be keeping a close eye on them whilst hoping the coffee pot in the Tesla PR office doesn’t run out. Lanjut →

The Arkii Solar Yacht

Filed under the “do want” category of most eco-concious humans is a boat, preferably a luxury boat, powered by 100% sustainable energy. We featured the WHY Solar Yacht last month and it garnered a lot of attention, I for one actually think the Arkii is a step up from the WHY for a number of reasons, it looks better, is arguably more “buildable” and has a much, much cooler name. The catamaran’s surface is covered in gorgeously curved multi-layed solar cells which, on a sunny day, bring the Arkii up to cruising speed of Lanjut →

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