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Chrysler’s New Ram Plug-In Hybrid Pick-Up Truck

Chrysler have developed a plug-in hybrid Ram truck, initially for use only by fleet operators the vehicle was developed with $48 million from the US Government. The Ram uses a 12 kWh battery pack developed by ElectroVaya, this gives the truck a 20 mile range on electricity alone before the 5.7L Hemi V8 is required for further range. Lanjut →

The 100+ MPG Plug-in Hybrid Hummer H3

Raser Technologies unveiled a Hummer H3 late last year with a plug-in gas/electric hybrid 4×4 powertrain and a claimed mpg rating of 100+, they were working closely with Hummer and FEV on the project and have made it clear that the E-REV power train is easily portable between large SUV’s (see the image below). There are no plans to put this power train into production as of yet, which seems a shame as even if they offered a conversion service it would doubtless be very popular in states like California and Texas. Lanjut →

Hybrid Cars Sales Jump 20% in May

US hybrid cars sales saw a 20% jump in sales in May, the overall car market saw a 12.3% increase in sales so hybrids are outperforming the market by a large margin. The best seller is still the Toyota Prius (14,248 units), making up over half of all sales and the break out performance by the Ford Fusion Hybrid, with sales up 64% (2,486 units) for May, has surprised more than a few analysts. Toyota is still seeing some sales damage thought to be caused by the recent recall-nightmare with both the Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid seeing a drop in sales, this buyer caution surrounding Toyota cars may be responsible for the jump in sales of non-Toyota hybrids like the Fusion, the Nissan Ultima Hybrid (+253.6% | 1,167 units) and the Chevy Silverado Hybrid (+179.4% | 299 units). Lanjut →

Land Rover Developing Diesel Electric Hybrid SUV

I’m the first to admit that I’m a huge fan of Land Rover 4×4’s. I grew up being driven around in one and when I got my license the first thing I did was buy one of my own and set to work building it into a beast of an offroader. So you can imagine how happy I was when Land Rover recently announced that they, together with Jaguar, have decided to invest $800 million into environmentally friendly vehicles and the first fruits of that investment will be the concept SUV codenamed land_e due to hit the streets in Lanjut →

The GM Volt MPV5 SUV Hybrid

General Motors seems to be working hard to earn its federal bailout money in the eyes of the public, hot on the heels of the recent Chevy Volt announcements comes the above pictured concept vehicle – the MPV5 Volt Hybrid SUV. How’s that for a mouthful of a name. The car uses the same basic platform as the Volt, officially called the “Voltec” platform and is widely believed to be a near final concept, meaning that what we see here is very similar to what we will see on the road when it is released.

GM (NYSE: GM) will unveil the car in China tomorrow at the Beijing Motor Show, an interesting move by any measure but a potentially clever one as Lanjut →

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