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Check Out The First Electric Vehicle In The US Army

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has spent the past 3 years developing the CERV (clandestine extended range vehicle) (pictured above and below) for the US Army. Using an electric propulsion system with a diesel power generator the CERV is an unarmored vehicle designed to be used behind enemy lines as well as in recon, rescue and targeting missions. It’s currently the only vehicle in the US Army fleet to be certified for transport in the Osprey Rotorcraft, due to its lightweight. Lanjut →

Fisker Raises An Additional $150 Million

Fisker Automotive filed a report with the SEC stating that they have raised an additional $150 million USD from a group of private investors. This recent round of investment brings the total amount invested in Fisker to over a billion USD, all before the new company has sold a single electric car. Lanjut →

Next-Gen Ford GT Supercar To Be A Hybrid

The rumours are swirling thick and fast this week, Ford is apparently planning to build a new GT supercar with a hybrid drivetrain. The previous GT was released in 2005 and was built for 2 years, the car was Ford’s halo model and in order to match the current trend towards hybrid and electric cars, Ford is said to be developing a 4×4 hybrid GT for the international market. Lanjut →

First Pictures Of The Revolutionary New Hybrid Lotus Renault R31

Lotus Renault GP have launched their 2011 title challenger, the car is a gasoline electric hybrid with a remarkable, and perhaps revolutionary, exhaust system. Lanjut →

Investors Increase Bets For $250 A Barrel Oil

Investors are making increased bets on $250 barrels of oil following continued disruption in the Middle East. Oil Futures are already up 18 percent from a year ago. After the revolution in the North African country of Tunisia spread into Jordan, Syria, Yemen and Egypt many analysts are predicting increased disruption to the flow of oil, resulting in a sharp upward trend in oil prices. Lanjut →

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