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Phoenix Motorcars Rises From The Ashes

Phoenix Motorcars just lived up to its namesake by rising from the ashes of its 2008 Chapter 11 filing to announce that they’re back and not just that, they almost ready to start deliveries of the worlds first full-production electric SUV. In an announcement at FedFleet 2010 (July 13th-15th) Phoenix said;

“Phoenix Motorcars is proud to introduce the first all-wheel drive electric pickup truck ready for fleet procurement.” stated Bryon Bliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars. “The FedFleet 2010 conference provides an ideal opportunity to debut our enhanced Sports Utility Truck. We will begin deliveries later this year.” Lanjut →

Tesla Built an Electric RAV 4 and a Lexus RX For Toyota

In a move that has even industry insiders reeling, a source deep within Toyota has outlined 2 new all electric models that are currently being developed in a joint Tesla-Toyota deal. Surprisingly Tesla is said to have delivered the first two prototypes last Friday on July the 10th. The popular RAV 4 SUV and premium SUV the Lexus RX underwent a full electric conversion, apparently the SUV’s were chosen due to their ability to carry the extra weight of the lithium-ion battery packs without suspension and chassis strengthening. Lanjut →

The 100+ MPG Plug-in Hybrid Hummer H3

Raser Technologies unveiled a Hummer H3 late last year with a plug-in gas/electric hybrid 4×4 powertrain and a claimed mpg rating of 100+, they were working closely with Hummer and FEV on the project and have made it clear that the E-REV power train is easily portable between large SUV’s (see the image below). There are no plans to put this power train into production as of yet, which seems a shame as even if they offered a conversion service it would doubtless be very popular in states like California and Texas. Lanjut →

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