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First Pictures of the Stunning Electric Jaguar B99 by Bertone

Italian styling house Bertone has teamed up with Jaguar and taken a swing at designing the Jaguar sedan of the near-future with this stunning B99 electric 4-door. The B99 uses twin 150kW rear mounted electric motors and a lithium battery system coupled to a small 1.4 litre gasoline engine used to recharge the batteries on longer journeys. Lanjut →

FullyCharged Reviews The Nemesis Electric Supercar

The Nemesis electric supercar was recently┬ároad tested by the very lucky Robert Llewellyn for his TV series FullyCharged, the electric supercar is a 330bhp state-of-the-art beast handbuilt in Britain by former motorsport engineers, the Nemesis is 100% powered by wind turbines run by the UK electricity company Ecotricity. Lanjut →

Electric Formula EF01 Racing – Coming In 2012

With the news that Formula 1 is going hybrid from the 2011 season onwards we received a stack of emails from people asking why F1 didn’t just go 100% electric right away. The good news is, starting next year there will be an open wheel racing series, it’ll be called Formula EF01 and will feature 10 races at different tracks around the world, the car will be the new all electric EF01 pictured above. Lanjut →

Brabus Team Tunes The Tesla Roadster

German tuning company Brabus recently took in a Tesla Roadster and added some further performance tweaks, the bright blue Roadster now features a carbon fibre front lip, a rear spoiler and more advanced rear diffuser, the car also now sits on Monoblock S alloys front and rear. Lanjut →

Racing Green Endurance completes its 16,000 mile 100% electric Pan-American Highway journey

The team at Racing Green Endurance have pulled it off, driving 16,000 miles (26,000km) from the tip of Alaska down to the bottom of South America, all whilst driving an electric sports car more at home on the racing-track than the dirt-track. Making their trip all the more impressive. Lanjut →

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