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The Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser

The Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser pictured above is modelled after the bikes that were prevalent in the 1930’s with one small but important difference, these bikes have discreet electric motors built into the rear hub and a small lithium-ion battery pack mounted on the rear luggage tray. Preferring to use balloon tires instead of suspension the PCCC (that name is just too long to keep writing) offers a smooth ride and the lithium-ion battery can keep propelling you along for 30 miles at 20 miles an hour, which means this bike is actually a potential daily transport option for people who live within 20-30 miles of the office, school or university – especially if they encounter traffic jams and road-related delays on a regular basis (electric bikes zip past traffic jams with glorious impunity). Lanjut →

The El Moto HR-2 Electric Bike

If you imagine the love child of a downhill racing mountain bike and a Brammo Powercycle I think you’ll end up with something very much like what’s pictured above. It’s called the El Moto HR-2, it’s built by two German engineers and is going on sale in July this year. The El Moto has a range of 70 km (44 miles), a top speed of 45 kmph (30mph) and a remarkably light weight of just 45 kilos (about 90 lbs). The bike was designed as a city based solution to a Vespa or Piaggo gasoline scooter and in Europe it’ll probably do very well straight off the bat, busy US cities could see this mode of transportation picking up momentum as well in the not too distant future (read: during the next gasoline price hike). Lanjut →

The Schwinn Continental eBike

Electric bikes, or electric assist bikes, are hugely popular in certain parts of the world. During a recent trip to Beijing I was amazed at the number of electric bikes and electric scooters zipping around on every street, they out-numbered gas powered 2-wheel transport by about 3/1 and most of them had relatively small removable battery packs so people could take the battery into their home or office with them to recharge it. Lanjut →

The Volkswagen Electric Bik.e

No, that isn’t a typo it’s called the “Bik.e” although we’re unsure how you would pronounce that out loud. It’s made by Volkswagen (XETRA: VOW.DE) and it folds up in a remarkably clever and efficient manner (read: German manner) into something that fits into the spare tire well of your car. The Bik.e features a nifty in-frame lithium-ion battery pack that powers a hub motor on the rear wheel. The range is Lanjut →

The Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike

Every now and then I stumble across an electric vehicle that makes my mouth fall open and my lower jaw hit the floor with a thud. This is one of those vehicles. The Hanebrink ATB is a pedal/electric powered bike capable of riding over any surface except liquid water, those huge tires mean that downhill mountain biking, beach cycling and snow cycling are all easily possible and the electric motor and lithium-ion phosphate battery pack means that when you get tired you can sit back and squeeze on the throttle and let the Aotema 600 Watt Electric Motor take over Lanjut →

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