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The Highly Unusual YikeBike

The YikeBike is something of an anomaly, the concept was released about a year ago and many who looked at it said something along the lines of “Looks cool but it’ll never make it to production”. Well it just made it into production. For $3,595 clams you too can scoot around town on an all electric + carbon fiber YikeBike, I think this might mean it is now officially the future. Lanjut →

Exclusive: Brammo Takes Hong Kong By Storm

Brammo made a significant appearance at the annual Hong Kong bike show yesterday, the massively popular Brammo bikes quite literally took the show by storm to the point I had to apply rugby scrum tactics to get through the crowd and get some pictures. When I got through the crowd of photographers the above image is the first thing I saw, I was of course immediately concerned that the ladies high-heel-shoes might scratch the Brammo Enertia’s paintwork… Lanjut →

Leonardo DiCaprio – Electric Bicycle Enthusiast?

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted cruising the streets of NYC on this Ultra Motor A2B Metro electric bike last week, the bike is capable of 20mph with a range of 20 miles (just on battery power) or 40 miles with pedal assist. The bike is a little on the pricey side at $2,699 USD but considering the fact that fuel costs are almost zero (a few cents per charge) it would likely pay for itself in a couple of years through savings on gasoline, parking and/or cabs. Lanjut →

The GRACE eBike

Following on from yesterdays post which saw a lot of people getting annoyed at an $80,000 USD electric bicycle (although admittedly it was a very nice bicycle) I thought it may be best to follow up with an entry on another state of the art, designer eBike but this time it would be an affordable one, by affordable I mean less than 10% of the cost of yesterday’s carbon fibre Jay Leno crotch rocket. Lanjut →

The BlackTrail BT-01

So far as electric bikes go, this is the king of the hill. The BlackTrail BT-01 looks exactly like the sort of thing Bruce Wayne would ride through the misty streets of Gotham City and sadly, you’d need to be as wealthy as Bruce Wayne to buy one. $80,000 USD doesn’t so much give you sticker-shock as sticker-seizure. Once you get past the price tag this is a very impressive little bike, it’s made from carbon fibre, aerospace aluminium, titanium and magnesium, it has a 1.2 kW motor imbedded in the lower part of the frame that will propel you up to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. That’s not bad for something with pedals. It also means it’ll need to be registered as a motorcycle. Lanjut →

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