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Obama Wants 1 Million Electric Cars On The Road By 2015 – Can It Be Done?

Obama came out strongly in favour of electric cars during his State of the Union yesterday, going so far as to say he wants to see 1 million EVs of the road by 2015, just 4 years from now. The US currently offers a federal tax incentive of $7,500 USD for each electric car purchase, similar offers are in place in most European countries and in both China and Japan. Lanjut →

Notice Anything Different?

The planet is warming at a startling pace, just over the course of the lifetime of a 30 year old we’ve seen the above temperature jump. In planetary terms this is the fastest temperature increase since the asteroid strike the wiped out the Dinosaurs. Sometimes an image like this can take the place of ten thousand words. We need to cut carbon and we need to do it now. Via the fantastic team at Treehugger. Lanjut →

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