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How To Win The Anti-Electric Car Argument

The ever present field of electric car naysayers love nothing more than to launch attacks on the rise of the electric car, these people seem to have an almost personal dislike of the electric vehicle and love nothing more than trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that the electric car is doomed. I hear from them everyday and today, I’m going to tell you how to resoundingly beat them in an argument. The list below are their most common claims and under each claim I’ve put the appropriate counter argument. If you’d like to add to this list please post your addition in the comments, the comments will then be included in round 2. Lanjut →

Panasonic Buys $30 Million Stake In Tesla Motors

Well Tesla (TSLA) certainly seems to be making friends in all the right places, Panasonic announced today that it is investing $30 million in Tesla Motors through a stock purchase program, Panasonic (PC) currently supplies and collaborates with Tesla on lithium-ion battery development. Panasonic’s subsidiary Sanyo is currently the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in the world. Lanjut →

A123 Systems To Announce Third Quarter Results On Nov 9th

Advanced battery manufacturer A123 Systems has announced they’ll reveal 3rd quarter financial results on November 9th, the company has had a roller coaster year with a share price high of $22.84 and a low of $6.54 (AONE). A123 Systems announced on the 13th of September that they have opened the largest lithium ion automotive battery factory in North America, the new facility is based in Livonia, Michigan. If you’d like to watch the announcement you can do so here at 5pm ET on November 9th. Lanjut →

JFE Engineering Create 5 Minute Electric Car Charger

JFE Engineering have debuted a new battery charging technology capable of recharging electric cars in a matter of minutes rather than a number of hours as is currently the norm. The charger allows a car to be 50% recharged in just 3 minutes, about 10 times faster than current capabilities. A 70% charge reportedly takes just 5 minutes, roughly the amount of time the average person spends buying gasoline at a standard service station. Lanjut →

Why We Need Hybrid Cars

We are in the midst of a fuel revolution, fossil fuels are a finite resource and despite our best efforts, they will run out sooner rather than later. Our entire planet is working up to shift its primary energy source from fossil fuels to renewable energy and nowhere is this more pertinent than the automotive industry. With this impending lack of the fuel that has driven much if not all of the 20th century we are now working hard on alternatives, from hydrogen to ethanol to batteries to biodiesel we are trying to find an adequate replacement for oil and gasoline, a plentiful source of liquid energy that has powered us to school, to work and to holiday since the day we were born. Lanjut →

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