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The Return Of The Electric Car

Editors Note – Please welcome the first of our new writers, James Anderson Merritt.

For most of my life, the electric car was the quaint relic of a bygone age of automotive experimentation and innovation. Electricity was fine for radio-controlled model cars, slot-car racing, or carnival bumper car rides — even golf carts or the moon-buggy that the Apollo astronauts used – but it simply was not practical as the motive source for any serious, roadworthy vehicles here on Earth. The general superiority of the internal combustion engine for personal transportation had been established decades before I was born. By the time I got around to imagining myself behind the wheel of an automobile, the assumption that it would be powered by gasoline, or maybe diesel, was unstated, indeed unconscious. It never even occurred to me to think about alternative possibilities, much less the specific option of driving an EV. Lanjut →

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