Toyota Reaches 3 Million Hybrids Sold

Toyota is by far and away the biggest hybrid maker on the world market, the unstoppable and genre defining Prius has been a best seller since it’s release in 1997 and in times of soaring oil prices its sale streak doesn’t look set to slow down. Toyota has now soldĀ 3.03 million hybrids between 1997 and Feb-2011 and plans to release 10 new hybrid models by the end of 2012.

Toyota plans to sell 1 million hybrids annually, a goal once scoffed at by auto-analysts, with the sale of hybrids and electric cars continuing to climb (as gas prices themselves climb) it’s now seen as an eventual inevitability that 1 million plus hybrid and electric cars will be hitting the roads worldwide every year in the near future.

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Via Reuters

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2007 Prius with 83k miles, started with 24 miles on the odometer.

A study has shown that a Hummer has done less environmental damage at 300k miles than a Prius at 100k miles. Realistic gas mileage isn’t that much different from an efficient petrol car (with some modifications, I got my Saturn to achieve 44 mpg highway, or the same as a Civic hybrid), and worse than quite a few diesel cars. Sorry, but hybrids=fail. Full electric or full gasoline is better at this point.

I have a 2002 Prius and a full electric Suzuki van I converted myself.

Tony Helms via Facebook

i own 2 electric motorcycles, when toyota comes out with a hybrid 4cyl tacoma pickup ill buy one!

Camilo Ramirez via Facebook

Yeah right! A link for that Hummer study please.

Here is a good debate on the subject for those who were curious.

That’s amazing news for Toyota, reaching this point! I’m eager to see the new hybrid models!

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