The Soloist – Meet The Electric Wheel

This is one of those electric vehicles that falls into the “Other” pile, it’s hard to explain what the Soloist actually is. Sort of a unicycle version of the Segway that’s far more compact and an order of magnitude less obvious.

The Soloist is currently available for $1,500 USD from Inventist, the wheel has a 1,000W electric hub motor, regenerative braking and a lithium-ion battery pack that is good for a range of 12 miles. Charging takes about 45 mins from a normal outlet and the whole thing weighs in at 20lbs. If it was a little cheaper it’d probably be a lot more popular.

If you’ve got 1,500 clams to spare and want to look like you’re from the future, head over to Inventist and place an order.

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Via Inventist


Steven Vohl via Facebook


Daniel Sanford via Facebook

Why? My feet work. My feet, the shoes I wear, and the food I eat to fuel them have less mile-for-mile environmental impact than this device. This thing is just silly. Buy a skateboard, if you must; but this is just silly.

Not sure I could ride the thing

Wow, this is really cool. It’s like a segway, but cooler.

The only thing i dont like, is that you can’t jump.

Danny Legaspi via Facebook

lithium battery powered motor assisted bicycle is better

The Soloist seams like a fantastic compact method of getting we’re you want to go faster and/or go a greater distance. This would have been very useful for me a few years back when I was racing to get from one college campus building to another with a load of books on my back. I really love how compact it is, you could just carry it in with you to your office unlike having to find a spot for a bike then securing it. Certainly more environment friendly than catching cabs. I will need to get more info on the specs.

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