The ElectraFlyer X – 100% Electric Flight

This remarkable 2 seat plane is powered by a 50hp onboard electric motor and a lithium-polymer battery pack, it can reach speeds in excess of 100mph and can stay airborne for 2 hours non-stop. Originally based on a low-drag glider the ElectraFlyer X is set to cost $65,000 USD when it goes on sale in kit form. 

Due to the extreme-reliability of electric motors the cost of maintenance on the ElectraFlyer X is far lower than a gas powered plane, the engine is also silent which means it makes far less noise when taking off, landing and flying than comparable fossil fuel powered aircraft.

I’d love to see solar panels added to the upper side of those wings and fuselage, with that much surface area it would be possible to generate a half decent amount of power, possibly adding significantly to the ElectraFlyer’s range.

What do you think? Is this the future of flight?

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Bruno Suárez

It is definitely a work in progress. Two hours non-stop is a good start.

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