Shell Oil Study Confirms Peak Oil Is Upon Us

A new study by the Shell Oil Company called “Signals and Signposts” has been released confirming, or at the very least strongly suggesting, that we have already past Peak Oil and are currently in the decline phase. The decline phase is characterised by oil prices steadily climbing at oil production either stagnates or goes down.

A leaked German military report recently said the same thing, as well as a US Government Wikileaks document shortly after that. If we have passed Peak Oil already the next few years may be very interesting, global unrest and soaring oil and food prices are just three of the many effects that declining oil production is predicted to have on the world.

What do you think? Are the days of fossil fuel numbered?

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Via The Pelican Post


I’ve been telling people I know for a few years that economic collapse is coming as a result of peak oil this decade. Average person woudn’t have a clue. Nothing is going to be able to sustain our wastful lifestyle of over consumption……nothing….not renewables…..nothing….people need to understand that. Study any type of renewable you like, and you will find that without the fossil fuel inputs to produce and maintain them, they wouldn’t exist and will not be able to be maintained. Everything is going to reduce after peak oil declines really kick in…..everything….food, transport…..we won’t’ be ramping up coal production……because coal is mined using oil for fuel….for transportation….etc. All those solar panels need to made……using highly processed sand to make silicon……aluminum frams…..tempered glass…..all this requires more mining…more processing….more factories…..more more more…..that means more fosil fuel inputs……not going to happen when we are living in a world of less….not more.


For illustration: the red squares indicate the space needed for solar collectors to produce the present power for the world (18.000 TWh/y,…300×300 km2), f……or
Europe (EU 3.200 TWh/y, 125×125 km2) and for Germany or MENA (Middle East and North Africa, about 600 TWh/… Vezi mai multy, 55×55 km2).The square labelled “TRANS-CSP Mix EUMENA 2050″ indicates the space needed for solar collectors to supply the needs for seawater desalination and about two-thirds of the electricity consumption in MENA in the year 2050
and about one-fifth of the European electricity!/group.php?gid=129308063756704

Yea I’m with stu.. I’ve been telling my friends / family for almost 10 years that this was coming and it wasn’t until the past year that people finally stopped thinking I was crazy.

The truth is it’s here and it doesn’t just mean we can’t drive our cars. It means most of our population is going to die. There are extensive studies on what happens to any creature when it’s primary natural resource runs out. and it’s not pretty… Everyone buckle up it’s gonna be bumpy

yea,i would suggest 300 lbs. of rice, 200 rounds of ammo and a gallon of bleach(1 drop disinfects 1 gallon h2o). the idea is to hide out until most of the die off has occurred(3 to 6 mo.). then go forth from your basement to forge a brave new world among the rubble and ruin of the old one.ah yes the simple life. no more taxes,speed limits,traffic bills,fast food, coca cola,people magazine,obesity,charlie sheen,4th of july, face book,freeways. nothing but a deep and lasting silence.the party is over.

Oil Lady

We could MAYBE mitigate this problem if oil were only wearing ONE of our many crucial and civilization-sustaining hats. But sadly, oil actually wears SIX such hats:

1) Transportation fuel (cars, trucks, trains, aircraft, and marine craft)
2) Electrical generation (especially in Third World nations and island nations)
3) Feedstock for plastics manufacturing (as well as most chemicals and pharmaceuticals)
4) The key input that drives the entire agricultural industry (petro-based fertilizers, weed-killers, and pesticides, and also the fuel for large mechanized farm equipment)
5) Heating fuel
6) Machine lubrication and other miscellaneous liquids needed for machinery

Trying to come up with an overnight (10 years or less) replacement for just one of the above already presents a mighty tall order. But trying to come up with a replacement for all six –in just 10 years or less– is a feat that stands firmly in the realm of the impossible. This is not merely a “problem” it’s actually a “dilemma.” A “problem” has a solution, but a “dilemma” has no solution. We are staring down the barrel of our global shipping network shutting down, of stores constantly being out of stock, of regional brown-outs, of disruptions in water pumping and sewage pumping, of disease and hunger, of scarcity in medical supplies, of economic atrophy, and even all-out war.

Maybe if we had 50 years we could try to mitigate this, but there‚Äôs no way we can do it in just 10. And the really sad thing is that we already knew about this 50+ years ago — check out what Shell oil geologist M. King Hubbert had to say about oil back in 1956, and then check out Admiral Hymen Rickover’s speech on energy and fossil fuels back in 1957. We knew about this OVER 50 years ago, yet we’ve done nothing all these long decades except burn even more oil. So we did this to ourselves.

We are now facing the end of our current way of life. I do not know what our new way of life will look like, but it definitely won’t be a Star Trek/Jetsons utopia. It will be harsh, and full of hard work and strife since there will be no more magical machines to do hard work for us. Actually there will be machines, it’s just that there will be no energy to make them work, so all our once-brilliant machines will do nothing but sit around lifeless and rusting.

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