First Pictures of the Stunning Electric Jaguar B99 by Bertone

Italian styling house Bertone has teamed up with Jaguar and taken a swing at designing the Jaguar sedan of the near-future with this stunning B99 electric 4-door. The B99 uses twin 150kW rear mounted electric motors and a lithium battery system coupled to a small 1.4 litre gasoline engine used to recharge the batteries on longer journeys.

Bertone and Jaguar also built a full-racing spec version of the B99, leading many to postulate that the B99 may be more than just another concept car, Bertone have also said they are developing a GT2 racing version of the B99. As it stands concept cars are never made into race cars, it is possible that a road going production version of the B99 might not be that far off, possibly as a replacement for Jaguars current X-Type.

The Bertone B99 has a claimed range of 434 miles and a monstrous combined power output of 570hp, that should be enough to power the car to a top speed well over 150mph.

If you want one, the line starts behind me.

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Daniel Sanford via Facebook

It’s Bertone/Jaguar: Does anyone think this will be less than three times the price of a Fisker? It’s not a direct competitor. The only advantage this has is brand recognition.

Wow! Jaguar would be fools not to build this. By far the most bad ass jag in a long time – looks nothing like a Ford (not that I don’t like Ford, I drive one) great muscle car!

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