The Electric Lamborghini Minotauro – Pictures + Video

Lamborghini are famous for being the “other” Italian supercar manufacturer, having produced infamous vehicles like the Miura, the Countach and the recent Sesto Elemento, Lamborghini are yet to build an electric car. Design student Andrei Avarvarii decided to put that right and set about designing the Lamborghini Minotauro, a 100% electric Lamborghini supercar that seats 3 and can dash from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

Avarvarii gave the Minotauro 30-70 weight distrubution, favouring the rear wheels, to maintain the spirit of the older rear wheel drive only Lambo’s and he used a Li-Tec flat-cell battery mounted in the floor to give the car a low centre of gravity.

With electric motors at each wheel and a KERS system feeding the front motors the Minotauro has 500hp and a staggering 2,000Nm of torque (the 1,001hp Bugatti Veyron has just 730Nm).

The Minotauro has seating for three, a side-by-side arrangement in the front plus on seat in the centre-rear (where the V10 would have been in a gasoline car).

Lamborghini have been rumoured to be working on a hybrid super car for some time now, many “purists” are adamantly against any form of electric power, we’re not sure what they plan on using for fuel once the oil runs out but we’ll keep you posted.

It’s also rumoured that Lamborghini is working with parent company Audi on the production of a show-stopping electric concept car for release at the 2011 Paris Motorshow, the car is said to use the same running gear as the Audi e-Tron but the composite carbon body will more closely resemble the Sesto Elemento.

Scroll down for pictures and a video of the Minotauro in action and then cross your fingers and pray that Lamborghini sees the light and hires Avarvarii.

Via Andrei Avarvarii

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