The EGO Personal Electric Submarine

Okay, okay so it’s more of a semi-submersible/glass-bottomed-boat but it’s still an awesome ¬†toy if you have a mega-yacht and are getting tired of napping on the sun-lounger. The sub is called “EGO” and is built by Raonhaje, a Korean engineering firm, it’s launch date was the 17th of February at the Miami Boat Show.

Exactly why they chose the name EGO is open to debate but it may have something to do with the wallet-size required to buy one, no official pricing has been announced but estimates in the USD $100,000 range are probably close to the mark.

The submersible is 100% electric and has a top speed of 4 knots, the batteries will keep you buzzing along for approximately 4 hours, it also features a monitoring LCD system, a two way radio, a compass, a clock and a digital depth gauge.

The EGO has a steering wheel and an accelerator pedal, making it about as easy to drive as a car and it has seating for 2 adults.

It would be nice to see the addition of solar cells and perhaps a small wind turbine on the top of the 2.0 version, it would add significantly to the range and further boost the EGO’s green credentials.

Scroll down for more pics of the EGO in action.

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Via Born Rich + Engadget


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