The Rinspeed BamBoo

Meet the Rinspeed BamBoo, this concept car is due to splash down at this years Geneva Motorshow and if these promo shots are anything to go by, it might just be the most unique car on display.

The Rinspeed BamBoo is a 100% electric car, powered by a 54kW electric motor and capable of 75mph the BamBoo is a clearly retro design that has many design elements of the 60s icon the Mini Moke (pictured below).

The BamBoo has a 65 mile range, perhaps a little on the short side for a vehicle designed for offroad beach adventures. On the positive side the car features an inflatable roof that can be peeled off and used a a beach blanket or a mattress, the body work is all composite which helps contribute to a relatively lightweight of 1,060kgs (2,337lbs).

The front grill area of the BamBoo features an “Identiface”, essentially an LCD screen that displays messages, graphics and Twitter posts (picture below) and the car comes with a built in HTC 7″ tablet computer. The fabric used throughout the car is made from bamboo fibres, hence the cars name.

There are no plans for a production version of the BamBoo, more’s the pity really, hopefully we’ll see design elements of the BamBoo make it into production, the use of a built in tablet and the Identiface grill are both features that would sell cars to today’s permanently wired generation.

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