New Electric-Only BMW Brand Being Announced Today – Will The Isetta Return?

BMW will be holding an online press conference today to announce the name of their brand new “sub-brand” that will specialise in producing electric and hybrid vehicles. The sub-brand has been referred to as “i” internally at BMW although it is doubtful that BMW will affix the lowercase “i” to the brand due to its wide use by Apple Inc. and potential lawsuits that would almost certainly result.

BMW has been working on a small electric car called “Mega City” for some time now and it is believed that the new BMW sub-brand will launch the Mega City in 2013. The above concept sketch is an early concept of the Mega City released by BMW last year to drum up interest.

Many are anticipating a new version of the classic Isetta micro-car, with the name Mega City possibly being replaced by the Isetta name before the car’s release. We know so far that the car will feature a passenger cell made from carbon-fibre and an in-floor lithium-ion battery array.

We’ll update with more info and images just as soon as the announcement is made, so stay tuned.

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The Megacity Vehicle is a revolutionary automobile. It will be the world’s first volume-produced vehicle with a passenger cell made from carbon. Our LifeDrive architecture is helping us to open a new chapter in automotive lightweight design. Indeed, this concept allows us to practically offset the extra 250 to 350 kilograms of weight typically found in electrically powered vehicles.

By producing the Megacity Vehicle in Germany the BMW Group is demonstrating a clear commitment to Germany as a high-tech location. With this vehicle we are revolutionizing automotive design and production, and offering our customers the first purpose-built electric vehicle for urban areas.

This will be the world’s first volume-produced car with a passenger compartment made from lightweight CFRP, as less weight enables a longer rangeWe made a conscious decision to produce the car in Germany, at our plant in Leipzig – our newest and most cutting-edge facility with the most flexible structures.

Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of Management for Development

Original Isetta

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