Jay Leno Meets The Mission R Electric Superbike

The team at Mission Motors took their latest creation, the Mission R, to the world famous Rock Store on Mulholland Drive to show it off. Jay Leno was in attendance and rumour has it he was sniffing around the Mission R and asking questions about ordering one for himself.

The Rock Store is a restaurant in Southern California where bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts meet on weekends, the below excerpt is from the brilliant Wikipedia entry;

The Rock Store is a restaurant in Cornell, California, in Malibu Canyon, that is popular with motorcyclists. It is a, “humble but infamous hangout is like a church for wayward souls Whose paths to Heaven are found with throttle in hand,” in the words of Zapata Espinoza writing for Mountain Bike magazine, “The gathering of the tribe at the Rock Store is unlike any other. There are the over-revving canyon racers in their full-leather regalia, celebrities on whatever they can afford, vintage old-timers on ratty Indians, bourgeois bikers with their chaps and Nike Air-Stupids, dual-sport riders in their MX gear, freaks on V-8 powered trikes—there’s even a group of two-wheeled Freemasons. It’s a wonderful collection of humanity and two wheels where diversity isn’t just tolerated, it’s celebrated.” Source

If only we all had the financial resources to buy a Mission R on impulse…

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Goddam internet. They were right.

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Jay Leno is so lucky! :)

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