Next-Gen Ford GT Supercar To Be A Hybrid

The rumours are swirling thick and fast this week, Ford is apparently planning to build a new GT supercar with a hybrid drivetrain. The previous GT was released in 2005 and was built for 2 years, the car was Ford’s halo model and in order to match the current trend towards hybrid and electric cars, Ford is said to be developing a 4×4 hybrid GT for the international market.

Featuring a rear mounted V8 driving the rear wheels and twin electric motors driving the front wheels the Hybrid GT is also rumoured to be 500lbs lighter than the previous GT model, this leads one to assume it will also be a touch quicker around the track. The chassis will all be aircraft grade aluminium and the body panels will be carbon fibre, we have some renderings done by Auto Express below which give you an idea of what the car is expected to look like.

With more and more electric and hybrid cars entering the top echelon of the automobile market it won’t be long till going green is synonymous with going fast.

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Via Engadget and Auto Express

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