Tesla Model X SUV Coming This Year

Elon Musk has gone on the record saying that the forthcoming Tesla Model X SUV will be publicly shown this year, possibly in Q3, indicating that Tesla is further along in the electric SUV’s development than many had predicted.

The Model X SUV is expected to sell for around the $30,000+ mark when it is released in 2013-2014, the actual release date is dependent on the success of the Model S sedan coming in 2012. Musk has said he doesn’t want future Tesla models jamming up the Model S release, although once that is running smoothly Musk plans to release another, even cheaper electric car in the sub-$30,000 price bracket.

Tesla remains a master of staying in the media spotlight with companies like Fisker struggling to keep up with Tesla’s almost constant stream of news bites, product announcements, press releases and joint ventures. Tesla is frequently compared with Apple Inc, another company who seems to float on the surface of the global press with little or no visible effort.

It is rumoured that the Tesla Model X will use the same fundamentals as the upcoming Toyota-Tesla RAV 4 electric SUV, a move that would certainly reduce R+D expenses. Nothing is for certain here though, we’ve added slides below from Tesla’s 2010 IPO presentation, they go a long way towards helping people understand Elon Musk’s vision for the future of Tesla.

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Via GigaOM

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By the time the Tesla S comes to market (and only 1500 or so Roadsters will be driving around) there will already be 10.000+ Fisker Karmas on the road. How’s that for ‘Fisker struggling to keep up with Tesla’…

All Tesla models: Roadsters, Model S and upcoming Model X.. are all electric cars.
Karmas are hybrids with low electric only mileage not sure if they really comperable.
Model S is coming this year, lower priced, more green, less future expenses (no gasoline system).

We are the winner in case they compete, change to electric vehicles will happen smoothly and quite fast.
Imagine cities fighting with smog…

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