Industrial Spies Discovered Inside Renault – The Electric Car War Just Got Dirty

Renault’s CEO Carlos Ghosn has said he has a multitude of evidence to support charges of industrial espionage within Renault regarding the future of their electric car program. 3 executives have been charged with corruption, industrial espionage, breach of trust and theft. The 3 (now fired) executives have denied any wrongdoing.
The case is now before the courts in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. It’ll be ineresting to see if the name of the company or people that paid for the information is released, a French legislator last week said that an unnamed Chinese auto-manufacturer was involved, a charge which the Chinese government quickly denied. Mr Carayon, a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party was quoted as saying “There are in effect several sources that are typically thought to be serious who consider that a Chinese buyer is in fact behind this operation.”
Renault and Nissan have a very strong alliance and share the same CEO, Carlos Ghosn, together the companies have spent over $4 billion developing electric car technology. Mr Ghosn told TF1 today that “in no case” would this slow down or halt the release of 3 new electric cars from Renault this year.
Nissan released the Leaf electric car to both the US and Japanese markets in 2010, they later confirmed it only took a few weeks for them to fill all available orders for the year.


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Via Bloomberg + NPR + BBC NEWS

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