FullyCharged Reviews The Nemesis Electric Supercar

The Nemesis electric supercar was recently road tested by the very lucky Robert Llewellyn for his TV series FullyCharged, the electric supercar is a 330bhp state-of-the-art beast handbuilt in Britain by former motorsport engineers, the Nemesis is 100% powered by wind turbines run by the UK electricity company Ecotricity.

The Nemesis was 18 months in the making and is based on the venerable Lotus Elise (the same base platform as the Tesla Roadster) and has an impressive top speed of 170mph, the 0-100mph (0-160kph) time is 8.5 seconds and it lays down 442 pound feet of torque from twin electric motors.

The 36kWh battery pack gives the Nemesis a range of 100-150 miles depending on how lead footed you are and the car uses a fascinating double skin carbon fibre / aluminium honeycomb SESS (Structural Energy Storage System).

Watch the full video below!

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