Fisker Automotive Boosts Karma Price To $95,900

In a move that may very well decide the outcome of the electric car wars before they even begin Fisker Automotive today announced that they will be charging $95,900 USD for the base model Karma electric car. This is a price increase of $15,900 USD over its initially stated price (in 2008) and puts the sedan at close to double the cost of its nearest competitor, the Tesla Model S which has a sticker price of $56,400 USD.

The Fisker Karma sedan is due out in spring 2011 with 3 model variants, the base model at $95,900, the $103,900 Eco Sport model and the $108,900 Eco Chic model. All these cars are eligible for the federal tax credit of $7,500 USD (as is the Tesla Model S, rendering the price difference identical regardless).

How this price increase will affect the inevitable competition between the Tesla Model S and the Fisker Karma is yet to be seen, both cars are aesthetically pleasing (Henrik Fisker penned the original design of the Model S before leaving Tesla to found his own company) and both cars are 4 door sedans with serious eco credentials. It may very well be that price is the primary factor when people who are in the market for a luxury electric sedan make their decision.

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