The E-Carver by Bar-Design

Infamous web based motorcycle design company Bar-Design have turned their hand to the evolving world of electric motorcycles, the above pictured electric bike is called the E-Carver and we like it (a lot).

The motorcycle mounts a 130/65-16 tire up front and a 190/55-18 on the rear wheel that has a hub mounted motor.
The riding position is nearly horizontal with the feet placed to the rear, since no shifting is required, and the legs partially protected from the wind by the battery pack which is formed around them in the front. Most of the technology incorporated in the design is either current or expected to be coming soon. – Bar-Design-

The rear mounted foot-pegs are a unique design feature (as far as we are aware), as electric motorcycles don’t need a gear shifter or clutch it’s possible to remove the foot controls completely and switch out the clutch with the rear brake control, similar to a Vespa.

This foot and leg placement leads to improved aerodynamics and a svelte design of the motorcycles underside, It’s entirely possible that we’ll see this incorporated into future electric motorcycles and it’s a little surprising that no one has thought of it yet.

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Visit Bar-Design for more 2 wheeled jaw-droppers.


Gary Hart

I want one…badly

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