Brabus Team Tunes The Tesla Roadster

German tuning company Brabus recently took in a Tesla Roadster and added some further performance tweaks, the bright blue Roadster now features a carbon fibre front lip, a rear spoiler and more advanced rear diffuser, the car also now sits on Monoblock S alloys front and rear.

Tesla Roadster owners who opt for the package also receive a quick charging station for their home garage as well as 30,000kms worth of electrical power from German power company RWE (presumably only if you live in Germany).

It’s the first time Brabus has taken on an electric vehicle, interestingly they opted not to modify the drivetrain (the primary target of mods on their gasoline powered conversions), we don’t yet know whether this is because they lack the knowledge to tune an electric drive car or whether they wanted to maintain range at the expense of more power.

Brabus did add a sound generator, capable of matching motor rpms with sounds from V8s, race cars or “future soundscapes”. I don’t know about you but I’d settle for the sound from Luke’s Star Wars Landspeeder.

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did their tuning improve any of the performance specifications? like range or acceleration, handling?

Is that Apple’s hideous bondi blue? One thing for sure is that nobody else will have a car that color. I don’t consider that level of originality a sales point.

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