The Steampunk Retro-tastic Miluira Electric Runabout

Meet the Miluira, it’s a 100% electric retro wagon out of Japan that’ll be available next year for those who want to drive around shouting at peasants and scaring chickens off the road (I like to imagine this is how it’ll be used). Looking for all the world like Mr Toad’s car from the Wind in the Willows the Miluira is almost certain to be popular with wealthy types who need to pootle around their estate in an environmentally considerate way.

It’s set to cost $76,010 USD (6,300,000 Yen) so it isn’t a realistic car for most of us although taking a look through the pictures it looks very simple to build (fibreglass body, welded steel frame, lead acid batteries) hopefully we’ll see electric kit cars like this popping up in the future for 90% less than the sticker price of the Miluira.

The car has a range of 35kms (21.75 miles) and a top speed of 60kph (37.28mph), you probably wouldn’t want to go much faster than that without goggles and a scarf anyway.

As for us, we love the concept but hate the price. There’s no reason an electric car like this can’t be built and sold at a profit for under $10k, so how about it?

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