An Electric Porsche 914 (For Under $20,000)

The worldwide community of enthusiasts modifying internal combustion cars to electric seems to grow every year, many aren’t patient enough to wait for the Tesla Model S or Nissan Leaf and have set about creating their own version. The Porsche 914 is a very common conversion model due to its lightweight and simplicity, the fittingly electric blue model pictured above is currently for sale on eBay for under $20,000 USD.

The current owner charges from solar so his running expenses are zero dollars per mile however if it was charged off the mains during off peak hours he estimates it would cost just 1.7 cents per mile to run.

The vehicle is using lead acid batteries at the moment, a conversion to lithium-ion batteries would at least double the range (currently set at ~50 miles), the 914 can hit 80 mph on the highway and the owner mentions he has made day trips of over 150 miles in the past (with charging/coffee stops).

Realistically the car would be suited to a DIY enthusiast with a space in the garage and a hankering to pop the hood and get tweaking.

Being able to drop the line “I drive an electric Porsche” into conversation would be enormously good fun and setting up solar/wind charging wouldn’t break the bank (kits are available for under $2,000 nowadays).


  • Continuous readout digital Amp meter.
  • Electric blue paint.
  • Alarm.
  • Power locks.
  • Momo steering wheel.
  • Removable targa top that stores in trunk.
  • RPM meter, odometer, speedometer.
  • Curtis state of charge meter.
  • Westech volt meter.
  • Clock.
  • Digital temperature readout for motor, controller and outside air.
  • Electric hood release.
  • Battery pack cut-off.
  • Inertia cut off switch.
  • Ceramic Heater.
  • New Carpeting.
  • Aux battery disconnect.
  • Iota DLS-45 DC-DC converter.
  • Porsche 911 master cylinder
  • BMW 320i front calipers.
  • Stainless steel brake lines.
  • Adjustable brake proportional valve.
  • New front struts and  upgraded heavy duty torsion bars.
  • Heavy duty rear shocks and 180 lbs springs.

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