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Hope You All Have An Electrifying Christmas!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for a great year, ElectroVelocity has gone from a small site to one of the most prominent electric vehicle sites on the interwebs and that’s all thanks to you. We’ll be spending time with family and friends over the next week so posts will be a little less frequent but hopefully you’ll be too busy drinking eggnog and snarfing down pumpkin pie to notice. Lanjut →

Volvo C30 EV – Coming In 2012

Volvo is on track to release the C30 EV in 2012, the 2 door hatchback has a 100 mile range and the same aerodynamic Kammback design profile seen on the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and Honda CR-Z. Lanjut →

Tesla Stock Falls 8% After Negative Rating

Tesla shares took an 8% hit today after a negative rating by Capstone Investments, they initiated a “sell” rating with a $22 price target, TSLA shares are currently trading at ~$30. Tesla shares have been a bit of a rollercoaster with a low of $14.98 and a high of $36.42 since the IPO this year, it seems that speculators can’t decide if they love or fear the electric car maker. Lanjut →

Fisker Automotive Boosts Karma Price To $95,900

In a move that may very well decide the outcome of the electric car wars before they even begin Fisker Automotive today announced that they will be charging $95,900 USD for the base model Karma electric car. This is a price increase of $15,900 USD over its initially stated price (in 2008) and puts the sedan at close to double the cost of its nearest competitor, the Tesla Model S which has a sticker price of $56,400 USD. Lanjut →

2012 Ford Focus – Available As Gasoline, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Or 100% Electric Car

Ford has announced that they’ll be offering the 2012 Ford Focus as a normal gas car, a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and an electric car. The desire to keep their options open makes sense, if gas prices skyrocket due to further complications in the Middle-East, Nigeria or elsewhere we’ll see people buying hybrids and electrics in droves (as we did when gas was over $4 a gallon). Lanjut →

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