Toyota To Repair 650,000 Priuses

Toyota has announced they’ll be recalling repairing 650,000 Priuses sold between 2004 and 2007 due to a faulty coolant pump. The worlds largest carmaker has been plagued with recalls over the past 12 months and is resisting calling this latest snafu a recall, instead referring to it as a “customer satisfaction” program.

The coolant pump fault would not be a safety issue stressed Toyota spokespeople insisting that the worst case scenario would be engine failure and a resulting loss of power. Toyota has recalled over 14 million cars worldwide since November 2009 and is suffering badly in consumer confidence polls as a result.

If you own a Prius model that is affected you can contact your local Toyota dealer to schedule a fix, the repairs will be performed free of charge.

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Why is there a photo of the 3rd generation Plug-In Prius when the article is actually referring to the non plug-in 2nd gen models?
Sort of misleading, don’t you think?


@ Aaron – The picture contains a Prius, we don’t generally take the time to year-match photographs with articles unless it’s relevant to the content.

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