The Gorgeous Nissan Ellure Hybrid Sedan

Nissan have been thrust into the lead of the automakers race to produce affordable electric cars, the Leaf has already sold out its first years worth of production and stories are circulating that Nissan are pulling dealer demo cars to sell to customers in hopes of satiating demand. The Ellure Hybrid concept pictured above and below represents Nissan’s future design language, you can expect to see it influencing cars as early as next year.

The Nissan Ellure concept uses a supercharged 2.5 litre internal combustion engine mated to a 25kW electric motor running off of a lithium-ion battery pack. The front wheel drive sedan also has regenerative braking and an advanced drive-by-wire system to maximize economy and performance.

The Ellure is a great looking car, sadly there are no plans for production but 2012 Nissan models onwards will feature design elements from the concept car with the Infiniti luxury models leading the way.

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