4 D1G1TAL DR1VE Model Variants On The Way From MotoCzysz

The team at MotoCzysz were kind enough to get back to us on some questions we had about the new D1G1TAL DR1VE system, we had asked if the system could be installed at all four corners of a vehicle to provide independent 4 wheel drive, Michael Czysz’s answer is below;

Currently the D1 can be used on each end (one on front axle and one on rear axle) for a twin system front and rear wheel drive.  The next generation D2 will be a twin motor, one motor per side (right and left) and if double one unit front and one back you will have a full 4 wheel independent drive system.

MotoCzysz’s General Manager Ryan Taylor added;

We have four models in the pipeline, each one addressing different power requirements and configurations. The D1 is aimed at the largest current market- small commuter cars and light duty fleet vehicles.

Clearly the D2 will make high performance 4 wheel drive cars remarkably simple and relatively inexpensive to build and could lead to a surge in electric car innovation. We can only hope.

At the end of the day with companies like MotoCzysz, Mission Motors and Tesla Motors all producing varied electric propulsion systems, the cost of electric car development has reduced significantly. If you have a rolling chassis all you need now is a battery pack and a D1G1TAL DR1VE D1 and you have a fully functioning electric car, cutting all the R+D usually required in the development of an electric drivetrain. Exciting times ahead.

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Above image via David Folch Photography

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bientôt , j’espère pouvoir dans la joie , réveiller , mon ” 55w” 600 xt de 87′ ;)
fini le tibia bleu …
Mr CZYSZ global est sont engouement ,ainsi que les gars , comparses & ” angel’s ” de sa firme . vivement bientôt ….

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