MotoCzysz Unveils the Revolutionary D1G1TAL DR1VE D1

MotoCzysz is a company renowned for extraordinary engineering prowess, currently the MotoCzysz EP1C is (arguably) the fastest and most advanced electric motorcycle in the world. MotoCzysz have announced they will be producing an integrated drive system called the D1G1TAL DR1VE D1, the unit (pictured below) contains everything you need to power an electric car with the exception of batteries.

The D1G1TAL DR1VE™ was conceived from the perspective of an EV manufacturer. It is a complete system of matched integrated components – including motor, inverter-controller, and cooling system – enclosed in a lightweight aluminum shell, allowing for unprecedented efficiency and compactness. The D1G1TAL DR1VE stands alone as the easiest and quickest solution for any manufacturer needing an electric drive system.

Weighing in at just 59 kgs (130lbs) or roughly the same weight as a Swedish beach volleyball player, the D1 is very light for what it contains. Each red box is capable of producing 80hp (peak output of 100hp), 850nm of torque (627 ft-lbs) with a maximum output of 1150nm (848ft lbs). The unit has an integrated cooling system, quite a feat for something of such a relatively small size (Length: 489.4mm / Width: 329.8mm / Height: 372.3mm).

There is a full range of D1G1TAL DR1VE models currently in different stages of testing and design to suit the specific needs of small commuting vehicles, larger luxury sedans, light/medium duty vans and trucks and extreme super cars. The first model of the D1G1TAL DR1VE, is targeted for compact electric vehicles and light duty vans and trucks.

Many have drawn parallels between the MotoCzysz EP1C and the V1000 developed by legendary engineer John Britten. As a general rule if you’re being compared with Britten you must be doing something very, very right. It’ll be interesting to see how the D1G1TAL DR1VE D1 is received when it goes on sale in May 2011 for $8,999 USD.

We’ll be interested to see if multiple D1 systems can be installed in one vehicle to provide a higher performance 4 wheel drive configuration and whether MotoCzysz have been working with battery makers on a plug and play compatible battery pack.

It isn’t hard to see that this system will be popular with electric car manufacturers, it will likely appeal to hobbyists, kitcar builders and ICE to electric car conversion companies as well due to its simplicity, MotoCzysz are currently working on further integrated powertrain models more suitable for everything from small commuting vehicles to extreme super cars. We’ll keep you posted as more news becomes available.

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