Wrightspeed Electric Sports Car Maker Picks Up Further $5 Million Investment

Wrightspeed have picked up a further $5 million in their current round of financing, the company is owned and run by former Tesla employee Ian Wright. Wrightspeed built a one off sports car called the X1 to showcase their electric drivetrain technology, the remarkable car is based on the Ariel Atom and has a 0-60 time of just 2.9 seconds.

Wrightspeed Inc, a Silicon Valley based Company and the creator of the world’s fastest street legal Electric Vehicle (EV) is now positioned to bring its unique Digital DriveSystem (DDS) product to market in two areas: extreme-performance production sports cars and medium to heavy-duty trucks. This may seem counter-intuitive, however the reality is that both applications are similar in needing high power motors. Unlike conventional internal combustion engines, the same electric motors can be used in both high-power/continuous use (trucks) as well as high power/transient use (sportscars). In addition to this power to weight ratio is very important in both circumstances (for different reasons). -Wrightspeed-
Wrightspeed are set to enter the electric drivetrain field, an increasingly crowded space with Tesla widely thought to be the dominant company, Mission Motors recently announced they were entering the fray as well.
What is the DDS? The DDS platform includes: the battery system, electric motors and drive electronics, generator control system, vehicle dynamics control, user interface and the software control plane. -Wrightspeed-

Ian Wright is currently working on a car only known as the “Supercar” that will feature a hybrid drivetrain and is expected to be quicker than its main rival, the Tesla Roadster.

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Via Reuters + Earth2Tech + Wrightspeed

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this car is dumb it has no roof or sides!! what happen when it rains or you have a crash. stupid car.

who cares about roof or sides when you can do sub-3 sec 0-60’s!

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