VW To Sell Cheap Electric Cars In China By 2014

VW has serious ambitions for China, yesterday announcing that they’ll be aiming to sell 10,000 electric cars in China between 2014 and 2018. That’s a relatively modest goal considering that China is the worlds largest car market and that Nissan managed to sell ~20,000 Leaf electric cars in a matter of months this year.

VW has had a strong China focus for the past 3 decades and was the first overseas automaker to enter the country post-cultural revolution, the VW badge is everywhere on the streets of China, many of the nations Taxis are China built VWs and the brand name has a huge level of respect across the country.

“There is a very strong argument that electric cars are the right move for China, although there are still many challenges, China is making huge investments in renewable energy.” -Karl-Thomas Neumann, president of Volkswagen Group China-

The Chinese built electric car would doubtless me a small to mid-sized car with a price point designed to be affordable to China’s rapidly growing middle class, the Chinese government is offering huge subsidies for electric cars, as much as $60,000 Yuan ($9,000 USD), making the purchase of an electric car a financially savvy choice for many considering the low cost per mile and immunity to gasoline price hikes.

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Via BusinessWeek

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