The Hybrid Electric 60′ Tang Super Yacht

Just to show that cars aren’t the only vehicles going hybrid the talented teams at International Battery and Electric Marine Propulsion (EMP) have developed the beautiful hybrid catamaran you see above and named it “Tang”. The yacht itself is a 60′ carbon fibre beast and was launched on September 21st this year, Tang is powered by 2 EMP E-motion 18 kW permanent-magnet electric motors and a lithium-ion battery system developed by International Battery, the 144-volt battery pack provides a total energy capacity of 46 kWh.

Tang’s power generation is genius in its simplicity, when the yacht is under sail the propellers are turned by the flowing water and generate power, recharging the battery packs. A set of twin 22-kW diesel generators recharge the batteries and keep her moving when the wind is a little limp and charging can also be achieved via cable when at dock, the Tang might just be the largest plug in hybrid in the world.

“The initial thrust and response when engaging forward is vastly better than anything experienced with standard diesel propulsion, it’s quiet, and the power is there instantly. It goes hand-in-hand with sailing, which is about moving in harmony with nature, quietly, without polluting the environment.” – Tim van der Steene, managing director of Tag Yachts -

The line of Tag 60 yachts was designed by New Zealand naval architect Greg Young, Tang is currently being tested in the waters off St. Francis Bay in South Africa before she sails across the atlantic to her new owner in Florida later this year. Tang is scheduled to appear at the Miami Sailboat Show in February 2011.

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Via GizMag

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