Mission Motors Announces Mission EVT

Mission Motors has been holding out on us all, in lock step with the Mission R (mini)announcement they have announced a potentially huge new business model, called Mission EVT (electric vehicle technology). In short they will be offering consulting, software and hardware services for electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers, Tesla Motors currently offers similar services to Toyota and Daimler-Benz.

Mission Motors will be offering energy storage (battery) systems as well as drive systems, vehicle software and system integration for both start ups and established automakers. They’ll doubtless hold their former world record holding Mission One electric motorcycle forward as an example of what they’re capable of, it’ll also be interesting to see if they develop a prototype electric car in-house to display the versatility of the technology.

Press Release Below.

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Mission Motors Press Release

Since the earliest days of Mission Motors, we have set out to change perceptions of what is possible in electric drive and to make our world’s dependence on oil a distant memory. The 150 mph, 150 mile range Mission One electric superbike was a powerful step towards the first goal. Today, Mission Motors takes a major step forward in achieving the second goal.

Today at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, we are proud to unveil MissionEVT. MissionEVT offers the high-performance Electric Vehicle Technology that we have developed for our electric superbikes to vehicle manufacturers.

The core of Mission’s electric superbikes is the powertrain, and to build truly high-performance motorcycles required us to create innovative technology in the battery modules, the motor-controller, the motor, and the overarching intelligent software system. To fit these into a motorcycle platform required them to be power dense, energy-dense, and modular. This makes MissionEVT electric powertrains flexible and adaptable to a wide range of vehicles from scooters to passenger cars, and from full battery electric to gasoline hybrid.

And this is why the Mission Motors team is so excited about MissionEVT: by partnering with other vehicle manufacturers we will be leveraging our core innovations to create change on an even larger scale. We are now, in a very tangible way, helping to accelerate the adoption of the electric vehicles.

You can learn more about our EV technology at MissionEVT.com

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