Urbee Hybrid – The First 3D Printed Car

3D printing has been around for a while now, it went from being sci-fi fantasy to functional reality in the 1990s and now in 2010 it is a serious manufacturing method for a huge number of companies around the world. The Urbee is a car that has literally been “printed” from a 3 dimensional computer model, a system that involves creating a 3D object my layering materials from the bottom up. It requires no moulds or special machining.

“FDM lets us eliminate tooling, machining, and handwork, and it brings incredible efficiency when a design change is needed,” Jim Kor, president and CTO at Kor Ecologic said in a recent press release. “If you can get to a pilot run without any tooling, you have advantages.”

Urbee plan to produce a hybrid version of the car and they’ll be showing off the orange car below at SEMA this year, no date has been set for the beginning of production however the interest in the car is huge. The ability to design custom bodies, from a 2 door coupe, to a convertible to a minivan and print in in less than an afternoon is a hugely appealing feature.

Urbee is a two-passenger hybrid car being designed by Kor Ecologic Inc. to be incredibly fuel efficient, easy to repair, safe to drive, and inexpensive to own. It will last for decades and be good for the environment.

Urbee is designed to be environmentally sustainable. This is because it can efficiently store and use exactly the amount of solar and wind energy you can collect on a one-car garage in one day. If you want to go farther in a day, you can use its ethanol powered engine

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