Tesla Model X SUV Coming In 2014

This is great news, obviously it’ll depend on the success of the Model S but Elon Musk is already talking about Tesla’s upcoming all electric SUV which it seems will be named the Model X, although some industry insiders have indicated that Tesla will have a slightly more dynamic name for the Model S and future models before the range leading Model S begins shipping out to customers.

In the video below Elon Musk talks quite openly about future models and timeframes, a refreshingly open stance in an often furtively secretive industry. He also alludes to the “mass market car”, a highly anticipated Tesla model that will sell at a similar price point to the Nissan Leaf (sub-$30,000 USD), the success of the mass market car is expected to be the litmus test of success for Tesla as a company going forward as it would open up a huge market not just in the US but in Europe, Asia and India.

The video is just 5 minutes long and I’d recommend taking the time to watch it if you’re interested in cars, Tesla and/or green energy.

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